Journal articles

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Peer-reviewed journal articles

Ferrer, E., Whitaker, K. J., Steele, J. S., Green, C. T., Wendelken, C. and Bunge, S. A. (2013), White matter maturation supports the development of reasoning ability through its influence on processing speed. Developmental Science. pdf

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Mackey, A.P., Whitaker, K.J., & Bunge, S.A. (2012) Experience-dependent plasticity in white matter microstructure: Reasoning training alters structural connectivity. Frontiers in Neuroanatomy, Special Issue on “Mapping Connectivity of the Human Cerebral Cortex”, hosted by Michael Petrides and Daniel S. Margulies. Link to article

Wendelken, C.*, Munakata, Y.*, Baym, C., Souza, M., & Bunge, S.A. (2012) Flexible Rule Use: Common Neural Substrates in Children and Adults. Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience. PDF

Wendelken, C., O’Hare, E.D., Whitaker, K.J., Ferrer, E., & Bunge, S.A. (2011) Increased Functional Selectivity over Development in Rostrolateral Prefrontal Cortex. Journal of Neuroscience. 31(47):17260-8. PDF

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